Common Household Pests And Eliminating Them

If we are not careful, homes are unintentional hosts to a few invited guests, such as household pests. These creatures can snake into your houses and cause damage even before you realize it. Whether you live in a big city apartment or a cottage does not matter. The best will bother you if you haven’t followed proper methods to keep them away. 

The main steps to keeping your household safe are to seal the cracks, fix leaves or avoid clutter in your yard to ensure they do not have an entry to your place. It is important to prevent them and hire a professional pest control service if you detect a pest infestation. Book your appointment today with Escondido mosquito control to get professional help. 

What are the Common Household Pests? 

  • Termites 

These are tiny insects that are commonly found and feed on wood. There are two types of termites that are usually observed. The workers and the swarmers. Worker termites are only spotted when an infested wood is broken open. Termites can be found all around but are mostly seen between the months of March through April. The presence of these termites is endorsed generally and means professional treatment is required not to let them damage the home.  

  • Mosquitoes. 

Eliminate any standing water on your property if you have mosquitoes in the home, as this will help to entirely get rid of them. Mosquitoes enjoy standing water and humid environments because they can raise their families there. Although the government sprays insecticide to kill adult mosquitoes, there is little global impact from doing so. Scientists predict that the risk of mosquitoes will increase due to global warming. 

  • Cockroaches. 

All water sources have the potential to attract cockroaches because they enjoy the humid environment. Because they have excellent survival instincts, getting rid of them may become impossible. Cockroaches may hold their breath for up to 40 minutes while living inside the water pipes in your home. They can also survive for months without nourishment. Keeping the environment around your property, such as your grass and yard, dry is one strategy to lessen the risk of cockroaches. However, it might not be sufficient. 

  • Earwigs. 

It is possible that earwigs have established a colony close to your property if you have started noticing them there or elsewhere. Earwigs often create their nests in moist leaves or mulch, but if they discover a moist spot and some litter to hide in, they may also create their nests inside your dwellings. Earwigs require proximity to water sources since they are always thirsty. 

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