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IMDb is an online encyclopedia of movies and television shows. You can find information on production details, cast breakdowns, and ratings for almost any movie or TV show. With over 5 million titles, IMDb has something to offer for all kinds of movie buffs. Originally a fan-operated project, the Internet Movie Database became an Amazon subsidiary in 1998. In addition to archiving millions of movies and TV shows, IMDb also offers a rating scale.

For film lovers, IMDb is free to browse, but users can sign up for a free account to rate and contribute data. For those in the industry, there is an alternative IMDbPro, which lets workers and actors post their resumes and contact information, and producers post production details. In 2008, IMDb made two key acquisitions. First, it bought Box Office Mojo, which parses box-office figures from Hollywood movies masstamilanfree .

IMDb is free to use on desktop computers, Amazon Fire TV, and Android devices. The website offers a free ad-supported version of its content. For IMDb Pro, you’ll need to sign in with an Amazon account. You can also sign up for a free trial of the service and then begin viewing content on your streaming device. Once you’ve signed up, IMDb won’t charge you until the trial expires.

On the other hand, IMDb TV features a diverse selection of TV shows. Initially, IMDb TV featured mostly old movies and TV shows, but eventually expanded to include original programming, such as The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, which featured 12 ads over its two-hour runtime. Currently, hour-long and half-hour TV shows feature four or two ads per episode. Ad breaks are brief and volume-matched with the content. Latest website: newspaperworlds

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