Is the Vegan Documentary The Game Changers Biased?

A lot has been said about the vegan diet and the film “The Game Changers” doesn’t do it justice. Among its flaws, the documentary is too pro-vegan and overstates the benefits of a vegan diet while ignoring the health benefits of other eating patterns. Nonetheless, “The Game Changers” is still an informative and thought-provoking film. It is a must-see for anyone interested in the topic of diet, although veganism does have many drawbacks.

The Gamchangers present compelling counterarguments to the film’s proponents, but its focus is not on how much meat and dairy are bad for us. Despite the claims of the film, eating more fiber-rich plants is a health benefit. And there’s no universal toxin in meat and dairy products. You can find more information about smart swaps from Harvard’s health summary.

The documentary’s message is based on misleading and incomplete scientific research. Its funding sources and the fact that Cameron owns a pea protein company make it seem biased and a misrepresentation of truth. The documentary also makes unsupported claims and relies on social conditioning to support their views. While many people applaud its pro-vegan message, others are skeptical. The film is certainly not perfect, but it does make some people think differently.

The documentary uses plenty of research to support its claims, but it ignores studies that show the benefits of animal products. It also overstates the significance of two observational studies. One of these two studies was an informal one, which measured the cloudiness of blood of professional football players, while the other one involved college athletes. The documentary also blames the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association for funding biased research, but it should be noted that many plant-based organizations have also funded conflicted research.

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