Questions about nose surgery

Q : If my nose has a hump, do I have to do it before the surgery?

A : Most of the patients with hump. It’s not a person who doesn’t have a prominent nose, but it’s prominent after the hump to the tip of the nose. But for the nose bridge, it’s not prominent. Some people have a broken nose. In this case, most writers recommend sharpening the back of the turtle, and some recommend hammering the bone. break the bone Then add over it. Personally, the writer himself agrees. But I would like to suggest that Most patients with this type of nose tend to have thin skin around the nose. The nose looks like this. guava nose or guest nose Most patients by Personally, I don’t want to have surgery to make my nose more prominent. but would like to fill in more specific parts. The writer therefore wants to offer an alternative. That the hump nose like this should be more beautiful with filler injections. Normally, writers do not recommend injecting fillers, but in this case, this is an exception.

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   (However Filler injections on the bridge of the nose are relatively free. More dangerous than injecting into the tip of the nose because there used to be cases where some patients went to inject The filler at the tip of the nose causes blindness and blurred vision. because of the filler It penetrates the veins that have branches to feed the retina. However, fillers are still a substance that has recently been used in medicine. We have not seen the results of The use of fillers in the upcoming ten or twenty years. So the filler injection must be under the advice of a real medical professional only)

    Nose enters fast – enters slow or need a helper

Q : After rhinoplasty, when will it be in place?

A : Usually it will be in place for about 1 month or at least 3 months, this depends on the person. In the case of a patient who has undergone surgery for 5 days, some 7 days, no swelling, no green, no bruising, it doesn’t say that it’s gone or it’s already in place. My nose is not very swollen, not green at all. You should have to compliment that writer. that a light writer Not to argue with the writer that some are not beautiful, some are crooked, some have no water droplets. The tip of the nose is a bit too big, so I will take it off sometime. The writer tells me this. that even if that writer is a god or an angel I can’t create a beautiful nose within 7 days for everyone. (The size of the face cream still needs to be used for a month to see results). When the nose gets swollen, it begins to collapse from the bridge of the nose. The bridge of the nose is usually in place for the first 7-14 days, after which it will begin to collapse at the tip of the nose.

    Therefore, if we are mentally weak, depressed, emotionally susceptible, severely lacking self-confidence, impatient, easily convinced, and easily influenced. The author recommends that you do not perform surgery by means of surgery at all. Let’s go do other ways, it’s better. It will cause both parties to feel uncomfortable. (In Japan, there are tools for rhinoplasty without surgery. Because the cost of the surgery there is very expensive. but this machine The author does not certify the results.)

   But if rhinoplasty has been completed for a month and the results are not satisfactory, we should talk to each other and fix it. Because the writer already told me that there are only writers and patients for rhinoplasty, we can always talk mytoptweets.

Can augment the nose and squeeze acne?

Q : Can I have nose augmentation and pimples? especially at the tip of the nose

A : Actually, I must say that it can be squeezed. But be careful. Because do not forget that now the tip of the patient’s nose is not only meat. But there is silicone in it. (It’s the silicone that the patient tells the writer that I would like to make the tip of the nose slender and small with water droplets) because we can’t. You can avoid having pimples, especially around the tip of your nose. Failure to clean them at all can make them dirty and clog up. The author recommends this way if we add a nose. No matter how much silicone is used, the tip will be bent and folded. However, it is still harder than the nose, so cleaning should use a Pore Pack. Many people have done it and it doesn’t work. The writer will suggest a way to make it work. blackheads on the nose) moisten a lot of water and cover it for at least 30-45 minutes, then pull it out. This time, pimples will follow. But if someone does not like The writer recommends going to a clinic that has both a surgical department and Better skin, he’s more skilled.

Rhinoplasty and can I shoot lasers?

Q : Can I go get a laser shot after the surgery?

A : You can shoot if you don’t shoot the laser in the nose. Because of the silicone that we have surgery to even though it is a stable substance But it has the ability Absorb both heat and cold, so when we shoot a laser, the laser will release heat under the skin. which this heat will be absorbed by the silicone that We have surgery under the skin layer. causing the silicone to heat up and release the heat back to the top make the skin above Silicone can burn. But if it’s really unavoidable The writer suggested that Tell the writer who will shoot the laser. (I didn’t know that now it’s a normal beauty clinic. These are also laser writers or technicians (Technicians) shooting each other for sure, haha) that they should change the laser head as well. or reduce the strength of laser machine In case of shooting in this area

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