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Conference realignment is a process in laws4life the NCAA that restructures the structure of the conferences. In the 2010–2014 academic year, changes will be made at all three NCAA levels. The 2010–14 realignment consists of extensive changes to the membership of conferences. The realignment is intended to promote greater competition, and will make conference membership more meaningful.

The realignment process is also expected to change college athletics. If USC and UCLA leave the Pac-12, San Diego State is predicted to be one of the largest beneficiaries. It is expected that SDSU will be the first school in line to be invited to the Big Ten and Pac-12, and would benefit from this move. It is important for athletic departments to have more funding, and a move to a more profitable conference would help SDSU’s budget. However, the San Diego State program has no desire to prioritize money over other outcomes.

The conference realignment will also lawyerdesk have a positive effect on football. It will create eight divisions with 10 teams in each, making every divisional game in the final nine weeks of the season important. This will increase the level of competition between the top teams in each division, and create a lot of excitement in the lower divisions. The teams at the bottom will be fighting for the playoff spot in order to stay in the Premier League. The reorganization will also benefit collegiate sports by reducing travel costs.

With the realignment, more NCAA member conferences will be eligible for the playoffs. The CAA, for example, has four playoff-eligible teams. This is a great addition to the conference and to college football. The conference has the potential to grow even further in the future.


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