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Laser sight, 10x zoom, and a one-shot trigger makes the Azevedotech CR21C revolver a powerful addition to any pistol collection. It’s also incredibly accurate, with a .45ACP round just about able to hit your mark. If you’re looking for a high-quality all- metal revolver packaged in a compact, easy-to-carry package that is great for concealed carry as well as self defense, the Azevedotech CR21C is definitely worth looking into. The reviews on this model have been very good so far, and we love that it comes with an adjustable rear sight. It’s much more comfortable to shoot than some other .45 acp revolvers, which can be problematic when you’re carrying it around all day long.

What’s in the case?

This is the full-sized revolver with the carry handle, sights, and a one-shot trigger. The gun itself is pretty standard, but the carry handle and sights make it a unique addition. You can definitely tell the difference between this and a regular Azevedotech CR21C in the handling and feel. The handle feels a bit heavier and more substantial, and it certainly is not flimsy or flimsy in any way. It is well made, with a nice finish, and it fits perfectly in my hand taraftarium24.

The gun itself

The Azevedotech CR21C is a very basic looking gun. It doesn’t have a safety, no box magazine, no extended magazine, no external sights, no manual safety, and a single shot trigger. In all, it has a total of 21 shots, making it a very simple-to-use revolver. The gun itself is a basic black box with a single color button. There’s no magazine, no silencer, no accessories, no sights, and no manual safety. The gun is very well made, with a full metal slide and a nice finish.

Backscatter Sight

This feature is only found on the Azevedotech 5100 or 5100 Compact model. It’s pretty standard on the other 12 models of the CR21C, but this is the first one with it. It’s great if you’re looking for an inexpensive, all-purpose shotgun sight that’s sure to please. The scope features a front pocket attachment that doubles as a shoulder rest. It has a night vision capabilities, so you can easily see the target from your bed or a kitchen table. It’s small, but plenty bright for a defensive shot. The scope comes with an elevation and distance setting, so you can easily identify the range of your target.

Weight and frame dimensions

The Azevedotech CR21C is a very light . 45ACP semi-auto revolver frame with a full-sized frame and barrel. The weight is just under 2 oz., which is light for a small frame. The overall length is just under 21″, which is a cause for concern if you’re carrying it around with you a lot. The length of the frame is the most significant factor in accuracy, and it’s easily the case that the shorter the gun the better. The frame is very comfortable in the hand, and it doesn’t appear to be too heavy. The gun itself doesn’t appear to be very big or massive, either. It’s just a plain black box with a single color button on it.

Azevedotech CR21C review, part 1

We start off with a general review of the Azevedotech CR21C. This is the little black and black revolver that comes with the carry handle and sights. It’s a basic model with a single color button and a front pocket accessory that doubles as a shoulder rest. The frame itself is made of a light but strong alloy. It doesn’t feel too heavy, but it’s not as light as you might hope for for a small frame. The gun itself is pretty basic and doesn’t have a lot of style to it. It’s a single shot, self-defense classic Fashionslog.

Azevedotech CR21C review, part 2

This is the second part of our review, covering the excellent Azevedotech CR21C Compact. The Compact is a little more advanced in terms of features and design, but still very similar to the standard CR21C in terms of weight and frame. In this case, the default sights are rear sight and scope, and the frame is a 19″ alloy frame with a front pocket accessory that doubles as a shoulder rest. The frame itself is a very light metal frame, with a very obvious spring loaded mechanism. It’s not especially strong, but it’s not flimsy either. The gun itself is a single shot, self-defense classic Fashioncolthing.

Should I buy it?

There are many different ways to go about this, but we recommend looking into the following: First, of all, don’t just take the money sounds Like it says in the sales pitch! Every single aspect of this gun is under $100. That’s a steal for a small frame revolver. You’re looking at a very affordable, everyday carry gun. Secondly, you don’t need to start anything new with this. Every single aspect of the Azevedotech CR21C can be found in other models of this model. If you’re looking for an affordable all-around gun, this is the one for you Fashionworldnow.


The Azevedotech CR21C is a very basic looking .45ACP revolver with a single color button, no sights, and a single shot trigger. It’s easy to shoot and controls extremely well, and you can use it as a self-defense weapon or as a daily sports gun. If you’re looking for a cheap, all-around gun that you can take anywhere and shoot at anything, the Azevedotech CR21C is a great choice. If you’re looking for a high-quality all- metal framed revolver with a great price/performance ratio, this is the one to get. It has a great price/performance ratio, and it’s easy to shoot Fashionslog.

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