The Role Immigration Lawyers Play 

Setting your foot in the land of the United Nations of America can be a dream come true for many of you. The continent has a long history of success. But this dream can be hard to achieve as this place is notorious for visa cancellation. To make the process easier, get in touch with Pollak Immigration, PLLC. These layers have spent most of their careers helping and assisting people with their visa applications, getting jobs, and clearing the cloud of disappointment. Here are some of their roles discussed.

Aids in Documentation 

There is a truckload of documents that you need to provide the immigration officer to prove your genuinity. Keeping track of all the documents and presenting them in front of the officer might get overwhelming for you. An immigration attorney will ensure that you have all the documents and not miss a single one. 


An immigration attorney will advise and guide you on various matters of visa. You can reply to them for your visa renewals, get registered in foreign offices, and know the status of your visa.

Gather Information 

There are different levels and examinations your visa application might go through. The role of an immigration lawyer is to inform you about the visa status and update them according to visa regulations. 

Resolving Issues

You might face various problems while getting the visa. An immigration lawyer will help you in resolving the issues so that your visa process is dealt with ease. The problems that you might face are visa refusal, applying for a work visa, temporary visa, etc. 

Who should choose a good immigration lawyer?

There are certain characteristics of an immigration lawyer that will help you to judge their ability as a lawyer. Keep the following attributes in mind, and try to find them in the lawyers you have shortlisted.

  • Good communication skills are a must for any lawyer. The job of a lawyer is to deal with various entities and talk with them to pave a way for clients’ better outcomes. 
  • Choose an experienced immigration lawyer for the desired results. An experienced lawyer will have ideas about how to deal with any hurdle that might arise after the submission of the application. 
  • The immigration rules and the visa process is dynamic. Rules and laws are changing constantly. Choose a lawyer who is up-to-date with their practice and aware of the new laws.

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