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Things to keep in mind when requesting a window replacement quote

You should consider and learn many things when seeking a window replacement quote. The first one is the type and window quality you’re selecting. If you’re replacing windows in an old house, you will have too many things to consider. Does the new window architecturally and stylistically match your Home Interiors? Will the window selected by you reduce the historical integrity of your place? Deciding on the window type is the first step to getting a precise quote.

Window type affects your window replacement quote

When choosing a window type, there are too many things to consider, double pane, triple pane, gas-filled, or air-filled windows which impact your price. Some of the options to think about are:

  • Vinyl windows: these are popular window options that can be installed insulated or un-insulated, and construction quality differs from one window replacement company to another. In average climates, a sealed un-insulated double pane with an air-filled window works remarkably, but in harsh environments, you need better features for better performance which increases the cost also.
  • Aluminum windows: these have the strength of aluminum and are available in all the options as vinyl windows.
  • Clad-wood windows: the frame of these windows is made of wood covered either in aluminum or vinyl. They are weather-resistant because of the cladding, but it is natural wood on the inside.
  • Fiberglass windows: they are durable and energy-efficient options and slightly higher in price.

Other factors to consider

The size of the window

The size of the window plays a significant role in the quote. If you need a customized size, then the quote is prepared accordingly. A larger window frame is higher in price than a lower window frame.

Additional costs for window removal after rot, mold, or pests are revealed

Once the window is removed, the installers may discover rot, mildew, or pests under the frame. There are additional charges for their extermination, which the company will share with you.

Removal and disposal of old windows

The cost of removing and disposing of the old window is also included in the quote.

Going for the correct type of window

You have too many options to choose from. The possibilities are endless, from bay windows, double-hung windows, casement and awning windows, and many more. Selecting the window that will look best in your house is crucial. Also, remember different windows have different costs, which affect your estimate.

Installation methods and procedures

Different window installation companies have different installation methods. While some may have highly advanced technologies, others may choose manual methods. The cost differs accordingly.

Time to install the window

The estimate includes the labor cost per hour or for the whole project. Hence, the estimate differs according to the labor cost and installation time.

The average cost of installing a window is somewhere between $100 to $300. Depending on your window size, it can rise from $50 to $300. Other costs include injecting argon gas or air. Window Mart Calgary offers you the best window replacement services at the most affordable rates. You can book an appointment for an inspection to get a free quote now.

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