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Three Points to Consider Before Buying an Abstract Painting

If you have ever created an abstract painting, you probably wonder whether it is acceptable or not. There are many different definitions of abstract art. Some say it is not art and that it doesn’t belong in the realm of realism. Others claim that abstract art originated in cave paintings. No matter what the definition is, abstract art has stood the test of time. Unlike realism, abstract art is not bound by a particular style guide.

The art of abstract painting is difficult to differentiate from important works of art and lookalikes. An axis sets up the composition of an abstract painting. The composition isn’t randomly placed – a quality abstract painting will have a consistent and coherent flow. It will contain real objects but be represented in an abstract way. You can’t always tell the difference if you’ve never looked at both.

While abstract art may seem complicated and hard to understand, it can have a profound appeal for the viewer. This is one of the challenges of judging the quality of abstract paintings in today’s art market, where so many are similar in color, size, and texture. These paintings are often referred to as zombie formalism. Please consider these three points before making a decision about whether or not to buy an abstract painting.


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