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What Are the Future of Theme Parks?

With more people visiting theme parks, the industry will have to adapt. It may adopt technologies such as VR or AR to offer the same experience to people at home. It might also increase prices and make rides more exclusive, or it may try to offer new experiences to people. However, as demand for amusement parks continues to rise, it will be important to keep safety in mind. Theme parks will have to employ health checks and other technologies that help keep visitors safe.

The futuristic technology used at Disney’s Hollywood theme park will be incorporated into rides. The company is working on animatronics powered by AI that will interact with park guests and perform stunts, without endangering human actors. This technology could revolutionize the theme park experience for many years to come. In addition, AI-driven technology is being implemented in theme parks to make the visitor experience more memorable. However, the technology behind the futuristic rides is still in its early stages.

The theme park industry will have to adapt to the changes in technology and data. For example, 60% of respondents would like to be able to find hotspots on a map. Nearly half of respondents would like food preordering to be the norm. Waiting in queues is both inconvenient and a waste of revenue. If customers could skip the queues, they would likely consume more.

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